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troll st. troll
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in miss midwest midnight checkout queen's LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
9:28 pm
i have issues
Sunday, December 17th, 2006
6:02 am
run run run run run run run run ruuuuuuun
so i think my family thinks i'm on drugs or something
and thats the funny thing, i don't do drugs
unless you want to count tylenol pm
but i don't
family functions are so akward for me
as they are for a lot of people of course
i always ALWAYS get asked, "why are you so quiet?"
but really, i don't have anything to say
what can i say
my sisters are very family orientated right now
married, children
then theres me
i'm alway's tired at family events
because i work third shift and even when i have off i can't sleep like a normal person
so i always feel like such a zombie
it sucks
i got three hundred dollars, which is nice
but it'll go to bills
and besides, i'll probably spend that and more for christmas presents this year
what a joke
and i'm sure my presents will be less than stellar

but i must admit
i'm considering making a small amazon.com order
and a kill rock stars one too haha
i did end up buying this amaaaaazing sketch book at target
tina had got one and it was absolutely inspiring
i was hesitant at first but...
its huge and it looks like a briefcase cause its got these handles on it
its hard bound and the paper is nice and thick
it really is inspiring
and a deal really, i paid 28 dollars for it, and it was originally 40
i just hope it encourages me to start drawing again
i hope
Saturday, December 16th, 2006
1:59 pm
i was just thinking
it would be fantastic
if a drag queen would do "i think i'm a mother" by pj harvey
i always think that drag queens should go a little more out there sometimes
i mean, a lot do, not around here of course
i once read on a message board about one doing a pretty and twisted song
sounded fantastic
Monday, November 27th, 2006
4:13 am
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
10:18 pm

i am knee deep in pete burns' book "freak unique"
and i am more and more floored and adoring of him as i get closer to the end
this man has lived the most amazing life and hes still got a full life to lead
he was madonna, pre-madonna, and he was manson, pre-manson
altho all three are completely different
he did it all before them, or so it seems
i LOVE the fact that he wears nothing but heels, and ADORES Vivienne Westwood
i actually just finished the part where he explained his vast surgeries and almost dying
there was so much i didn't know
the man practically had his face taken off and put back on and his lips removed
i am so glad i got this book

so thanksgiving is tomorrow and i declined to go by my sisters
i really don't want to
i work tonight
and tomorrow
and i would have to get up early then anyways
but i dunno
its funny to me that my family really doesn't appear to know me
i don't know why, but my family thinks i'm a vegetarian
i honestly wish i could be, and i could, but i don't necessarily want to
but like i'm SUPER picky with the meat that i eat
theres a lot of stuff i won't eat
but like i could never give up cheeseburgers haha
and its so weird, ever since i went to nyc, i have a strange fondness for gyro meat
but i don't like steak, ribs, porkchops, certain forms of ham, and plenty of other stuff
i'm still not looking forward to christmas
and i have no idea how i'm going to approach it

and you know what?
i hate that the same women are on every single fucking magazine
i'm sick of seeing: beyonce, sandra bullock, nicole kidman, christina aguilera, and britney spears
i never get sick of kate moss
Sunday, November 19th, 2006
7:58 am
i was paging through US weekly this morning and who did i see
but miss grace jones
she was photographed in some club in nyc recently sitting with another former bond girl
looking fabulous as ever like she was runnin from the mob or some shit

and on a sad note
RIP motormouth maybelle
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
9:31 pm
is it wrong to demand that at least a little of your good karma come back to you?
i'm just asking for a little luck
just a little
for once i just want things to go right for me
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
8:29 am
a word of advice
if you are interested in reading more about the club kids
and have read "disco bloodbath/party monster" already
don't read the book "clubland"
i found it at half price books the other day for like 6 bucks
i was pretty excited cause it looked like it was gonna be great
but it just comes off like a true crime novel
i guess you could say its a good read
if you like those kind of books
but i'm more interested in reading more about michael alig and james st. james
doing drugs and laughing at people hahaha

oh and:

me and sarah jane wanna get the pictures of kate moss and naomi cambell doing coke together
and put them on tshirts and write "i went to rehab and all i got was this drug buddy" on them
Saturday, November 11th, 2006
10:21 pm
i had the weirdest fucking dream today
i dreamt that my work was bigger than ever
and all three registers were lined up with people
but i don't remember seeing anyone working there but me
at one point someone asked me for something, but i had to go in the back for it
and at some point another person asked me for a carton of cigarettes that i had to go into the back for also
so i went back there and started searching
but i had no idea what i was looking for
i remembered the carton of cigarettes
but i was searching for something but i had no idea what it was
then at some point i found an opened bottle of vodka
the bottle kinda resembled the coffee flavoring syrup we have but it was vodka for sure
and i took a huge swig of it right out of the bottle
and i remember the whole time i was thinking, its going to calm me down
just then, my manager came in the back and asked me what i was doing
he didn't say anything about me drinking and just smiled and laughed
then i took the carton of cigarettes and walked back up front
as i'm walking i ran into my friend sarah that comes into the store but rarely does anymore
and she looked all strung out, she said hi but then was like you smell like alcohol
i was all like i'll tell you later
and then i think i went back up front and starting ringing up people
at some point in the dream i was outside with three of the mexican dry wallers that come into my store and i ended up having sex with all of them hahahahaha
wow, why do i even write this shit?
the strange thing is
i usually only have these weird dreams when i take tylenol pm
8:20 am
teeeeeell me something goooooood
a lot of people that come into my work come across super needy and helpless and rude
now obviously working at a gas station, people come in because they need things
but they're all so attention deprived seeming and way too demanding then they should be
and yet so helpless because none of them really want to do anything for themselves
they never want to look for anything themselves and have to ask right away
and half the time i practically have to hold their hand and take them to their destination
one of my favorites?
"where's the bathroom?
my response: "underneath the rest room sign"
maybe its a west allis thing?
and any west allis thing, is definetely, never a good thing
last night this girl said to me "you sound so monotone"
bitch don't talk to me
is what i wanted to say back
or better yet
thats just because i don't care about you
buuut i held my tongue
and one of these days i'm gonna get beat up by one of these thug wannabe white boys
some of them can be really nice and kinda hott too
but most of them are just plain fucking stupid
and i usually give them a lot of lip
not the good kind

these are all a lot of reasons why most of the time when i'm in a retail environment i'm super nice to the staff, unless they truly deserve rudeness, but even then i still tend to be nice

i've noticed these weird occurences
they may not be weird to everyone else
but i find them weird
i guess they're just more weird coincidences
hmmm let me think of examples
i was at barnes and noble one day
getting a book
a copy of dirty blonde: the diaries of courtney love, in fact
and i was waiting for a sales person to get it for me
(and actually, reading this over, i almost get caught looking like a hypocrite because of my previous statements haha, but i actually looked all around the store for that damn book and felt super guilty about asking someone for help, but it wasn't even out so good thing i asked because they got it from the back)
and i overheard a phone call where someone asked if they had season 3 of "the facts of life"
and then later on that night, or the next day, i can't remember
i was talking to arthur online and he said that he was watching season 3 of "the facts of life"

lets see
and then second
yesterday when i woke up, the new version of the movie "Freaky Friday" was on TV
the one with lindsay cokehan and jamie lee curtis
i've never seen it, no really, i haven't, but in the scene that i happened to run into, a band was playing and singing this song talking about not wanting to grow up
and then this morning as my friend from work is giving me a ride she turns on her cd player and what song starts playing, but that very same song

man, i feel real dumb for explaining and writing that out
Monday, November 6th, 2006
9:38 pm

i finally gave in and specially ordered pete burns' book "freak unique"
i ordered it from amazon uk
and surprisingly it came faster than our amazon
i started it, and its wonderful so far
pete is by far a hero of mine

i don't know how i'm going to deal with christmas this year
i have harsh feelings towards a lot of my family at the moment
and honestly the only people i really care about giving presents to are my father and grandparents
even tho, christmas is not supposed to be about presents
it pretty much is
and its funny to me how much money i'm going to waste
and how little i'll get back
i sound so empty and like such a jerk saying that
but i guess thats the way it is
i'm so unsatisfied with my life
and christmas really is just going to set me back even more

saturday i got a bloody nose at work
which usually never happens
i think it was cause of the dry air in my work
but it was sooooo a photo-op for myspace haha
but i didn't have a camera so screw that i suppose
4:49 am

that is all
Monday, October 30th, 2006
11:18 pm
as previously stated...
tonight i made the most homosexual purchases EVER:

a bag of rainbow twists twizzlers
the new VOGUE
a diet dr. pepper

the new VOGUE isn't that good
the twizzlers are DIVINE
9:29 pm
if anybody ever calls me impatient
i'm gonna backslap them, shetbag
Sunday, October 29th, 2006
8:38 am
raquel reed= girl of my dreams
Saturday, October 28th, 2006
8:31 pm
7:43 pm
pretty in pink...
you know that girl in pretty in pink
when they're in the class room in the beginning
and the blonde asks molly ringwald if she got her clothes at the "5 AND DIME"
the bitch thats sitting right next to molly ringwald just gawking the whole time?
you know, she probably lived off that shit for the next two years after that
she was probably talking about at least for the next year
went to every party
bragged till her drunken whore mother slapped her
and then was knocked up within three years and her career was over

hopes for the best in the future!

i had another weird dream
i had this dream where i was on like a school bus
full of happy kids
i was sitting in between an bland uptight blonde cheerleader bitch
and a very bland teenage actor white acting black boy
and they kept turning to me and saying "why are you so unhappy?"
and kept talking about me like i wasn't there
i HATE that shit
anyways, i think that dream for some reason represents my life right now

Current Mood: YUP
Thursday, October 26th, 2006
8:55 pm
today the phone rang when i was sleeping
i do remember looking at the phone
but i thought it was a dream or something
cause i didn't know the number
and then i ended up dreaming that jeffrey sebelia called me and left me a voicemail cause nicki told him too
what a good friend haha
weeeell it turns out it was really some lady who may or may not be with a pyramid scheme trying to give me a job

today at jewel they were having "technical difficulities"
everyone was getting all pissed off at the people
as if it was their fault
i'm usually so overly nice now whenever i got to any retail establishment
ESPECIALLY in West Allis
altho anytime i go to any retail establishment
besides my work
i feel really akward and paranoid
a guy in line at jewel turned around and was like "DO YOU WORK HERE?"
i was like no
then he was saying how i looked familiar and he thought he had seen me before
when i told him where i worked he was like oooh yeah i remember you
i see soooooo many people from my work when i'm out
and its quite akward and annoying
and i always feel like i have something on my face or snot in my nose haha
Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
9:55 pm
stolen from ohnotheydidn't...
as much as i LOVE Amanda lepore and like Jeffree Star, this shit is funny
and i loooove sophia lamar!
i totally called this when i saw that jeffree star shirt:

Sophia Lamar (born Enrique Muñoz in 1955 in Castro's Cuba) has long been a fixture of New York Night Life, starting off with Michael Alig and the original Club Kids, and now a fixture at Misshapes. She also has a weekly outlet to air her thoughts in Johnny McGovern's Gay Pimpin' podcast, where her popular segment "What Sophia Lamar Hates" ends each episode.

Sophia charged MySpace "e-celebrity" Jeffree Star with ripping her off. Sophia Lamar is the muse of fashion design collective Ok Citizen's Society which years ago created a shirt with the phrase "Sophia Lamar Will Kill You", and since then Sophia has adopted the phrase for her official website http://www.sophialamarwillkillyou.com. Well it seems Jeffree Star has started selling his own version of the shirt (seen here) with the phrase "Jeffree Star Will Kill You". Sophia noted how her shirt is sold in boutiques all across the world, and his is sold on myspace. She says his use of the phrase is like her saying "That's hot" or "You're Fired".

She also says of his song named after Louis Vuitton, "Louis is rolling in his grave, Jeffree trust me if he was alive he wouldn't want any thing to do with you...I'm sick and tired of talentless faggots stealing ideas...I want everybody to send emails to this faggot and tell him Shame! Shame! Shame!"
His address his Jeffreeee@gmail.com

She also has an ongoing feud with former friend Amanda Lepore. Amanda and Sophia successfully sued nightclub Twilo in the 90's for firing them because they were transgender, since then Sophia has made a few claims that Amanda didn't play fair in business, and takes aim at her use of the phrase "#1 Transexual In The World", saying "I don't have a number because I never went to that contest...You can say you are the number one user of Crisco in the world and no body would argue with you, that contest where that tranny won the number one, she was the audience, the judges, she was even the security because everything was held in her apartment...[on the list of most famous transgendered people] no body is their because they take clothes off in night club because they people are there because they are curing cancer in India or become prime minister..."

However Sophia and Amanda still can be found on the same party invites.
Sunday, October 22nd, 2006
8:03 am
i know its kinda corny
but this is sorta amazing

i'm pretty sure i'mana get it

i'm pretty excited for this:

i guess theres a recent letter in this book that she wrote to lindsay lohan about dealing with bad media, since we know she's the queen of it, and cokehan's response.
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